November 11, 2011

We'll Miss You Auda!!

Travel safe Auda
We're counting down to December



Dechinta said...

Were you a neighbor of Auda and Annie's? I was a friend of Auda's since I was 14. He was an "older Army man of 17".) We were engaged several times, always kept in touch with each other and he would call me at least once a year to make sure I was okay. Hearing of his death has devastated me because I knew we would end up back together, even if it was in a nursing home in our 80's. I remember there were some neighbors who wrote on the memorial page here in Sheffield. I'm wondering if that was you. They have already removed the memorial page on the Times-Daily, so I checked the Georgia one. Auda had a really big dog he adored and that dog adored him. Do you know what happened to him? I would hate to know something happened to it. I would take that dog in and love it tremendously if you know if it went to the pound of if someone is just fostering it. I loved Auda more than anyone in the world. He was the kindest, most loving man I ever knew and I should have married him the times I could have and then he would still be alive. I have been taking care of his grave and that has given me some help in the grief process. Anyway, I am just hoping to connect with someone who knew him and wanted to make sure his dog was taken care of. Sincerely, Joni Branscome